Clinique shows how to use country-specific social media content to improve brand perception in emerging markets

Clinique shows how to use country-specific social media content to improve brand perception in emerging markets

Clinique shows how a brand can use market-specific content to encourage brand love as well as purchase discussion among consumers in an emerging market such as China. The positive response from Chinese consumers to Clinique's use of country-specific social media content suggests that this is a successful way to approach a new market. 

Clinique use their brand page on popular Chinese network SINA to promote products that will specifically appeal to Chinese consumers, such as skin whitening cream or full protection sunscreen. In a similar way to Clarins with its country-specific Facebook pages in the UK and Germany, Clinique also organise competitions and offer giveaways or discounts around the products specifically targeted at the Asian market. Alongside these product and promotional posts, Clinique post beauty advice or lifestyle content.
WaveMetrix social media monitoring reveals that Clinique’s country-specific product posts are successful in driving Chinese consumers to feel that the brand’s products are “made for them”. This shows that tailoring social media content to the specific needs of consumers in each market helps them better identify with the brand. However, product posts are less successful in driving purchase intent discussion than promotional content, suggesting that offers and giveaways act as a stronger call to action than product-related content.
Clinique’s market-specific product posts make consumers feel they are tailored to their needs:

  • Market-specific product posts generate the feeling that they are tailored to the consumer: 22% of consumer responses to Clinique’s product posts, which are tailored to the Chinese market with items such as skin-whitening cream, reflect the idea that Clinique’s products are tailored to their individual needs. This proportion is twice as high as the average for responses across all Clinique posts, reflecting the positive impact of targeted product posts on brand perception in an emerging market
  • Love for the Clinique brand is also enhanced through market-specific product posts: 31% of Chinese consumers responding to Clinique’s product posts express their love for the Clinique brand, with many saying they “I love Clinique”and praising the brand’s creams and make-up range. In contrast, this proportion only reaches 17% on average across all official post topics from Clinique. This again reflects the positive impact of the market-specific content on Chinese consumers’ perception of the brand
Clinique’s competitions and giveaways drive more purchase discussion than product posts:

  • Promotional posts on Clinique’s SINA brand page drive higher purchase consideration than other post topics: 36% of Chinese consumers responding to posts about competitions, giveaways or discounts express their intention to purchase Clinique products. They say they are “so excited” by the offers and “want to buy” products from the new summer collection advertised on Clinique’s SINA brand page. This proportion is twice as high as the average across all posts, suggesting promotional content is a very successful way to drive purchase consideration in comparison to other post topics
  • Clinique product posts generate only half as much discussion around purchase intent as promotional posts do: 18% of consumers commenting on product posts express purchase intent, only half the proportion generated by promotional posts. Whilst product posts have a positive impact on Chinese consumers’ perception of the Clinique brand, they are not as successful in driving discussion around purchase intent as promotional posts. This suggests promotional posts provide a more fruitful call to action than product posts


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