Channel 4's Facejacker app drives engagement by making consumers the star

Channel 4's Facejacker app drives engagement by making consumers the star

Channel 4’s Facejacker Facebook app highlights the benefits of making fans the centre of a social media campaign.

Channel 4 have recently released a Facebook app featuring Facejacker character Brian Badonde, as part of their social media campaign promoting the show’s latest series. The app incorporates a consumer’s Facebook photos to make them the star of a sketch featuring Badonde.
WaveMetrix analysis has previously shown how brands such as Mini and Colgate have generated engagement by giving consumers the chance for their photos to feature in social media campaigns. Responses to Channel 4’s Facebook app are similarly positive as for those campaigns, with some describing it as “genius”. The app drives positive engagement with the show itself, with many fans responding by quoting Brian Badonde and other characters from the show, which some call “hilarious”. The app is also successful at driving positive propensity to view the show, with 90% of responses expressing intent to view. This positive response suggests that brands can successfully drive positive online buzz by making fans part of their social media strategy in an innovative way.
Responses to Brian Badonde’s app are overwhelmingly positive:

  • Consumers praise the app as “clever” and “hilarious”: Some say they “love” the app, which also builds “excitement” around the show itself
  • The small numbers of negative responses are caused by technical issues: A minority complain that the app “wouldn’t load”
The app also drives positive propensity to view Facejacker:

  • Almost all responses show intent to view the show: 25% of posts express definite intent to view the show, with some saying the app has left them "wanting more of Brian" and the other Facejacker characters


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