Case study: Volvo drives consumer loyalty by ensuring that “faultless” reliability matches consumers’ expectations

Case study: Volvo drives consumer loyalty by ensuring that “faultless” reliability matches consumers’ expectations

93% of Volvo owners discussing their loyalty say they will buy again. This is primarily driven by consumers praising Volvo’s “steadfast reliability”. Our previous analysis here of Volvo's social properties revealed that reliability is a key brand value that consumers associate with Volvo, suggesting that they are successful at converting consumers’ expectations and values of the brand into loyalty.

This article will explore the reasons why consumers express loyalty to Volvo and the ways in which it corresponds to values synonymous with the brand. 
Volvo consumers display the strongest sense of loyalty, with 93% saying they will buy again:
Automotive loyalty: overview of brand discussion
  • Volvo drive the highest proportion of loyal consumers: understanding why Volvo consumers show such fierce loyalty can help the brand reinforce its messaging to build a positive brand image that may persuade others to become loyal
Perceptions of Volvo's "steadfast" reliability have the largest impact on their consumers’ loyalty:
Automotive loyalty: Volvo positive and negative discussion by topic
  • Volvo consumers say they will remain loyal because their car is “faultless” and “reliable”: this indicates that there is a congruency between Volvo's brand messaging, consumers' expectations and their actual experience that consequently drives loyalty
  • Volvo avoid reliability being a hindrance to consumer loyalty, even though problems with reliability are a strong factor behind defection: we have previously seen that 18% of defection is caused by consumers who have experienced issues with their car's reliability. Volvo's "steadfast" reliability is a key asset because it means consumers are less likely to switch to another brand
  • The emphasis on reliability corresponds to core brand values associated with Volvo which WaveMetrix has analysed previously: consumers on Volvo’s social properties see the brand as trustworthy and reliable. These values also resonate amongst those who are not necessarily fans or followers of Volvo

Volvo successfully convert a value associated with them into consumer loyalty by ensuring that the experience lives up to expectation. Analysing loyalty discussion can enable brands to understand if their messaging and values are resonating with consumers and the impact this has on loyalty.

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