Case study: The “great” value offered by the Focus and Fiesta drives Ford’s high levels of loyalty discussion

Case study: The “great” value offered by the Focus and Fiesta drives Ford’s high levels of loyalty discussion

Ford receive more loyalty discussion than any other brand, driven by the Focus and Fiesta, which are the two best-selling models in the United Kingdom. Consumers say they will remain loyal to the Focus and Fiesta because of "excellent" value and "fun" driving experiences. Analysing loyalty discussion enables brands to understand why consumers return to their models and allows them to reinforce this in messaging.

In previous articles (here and here) we outlined our methodology for collecting loyalty buzz for fourteen brands. We coded discussion on top review sites and forums as well as comments on professional articles. This case study will analyse why Ford drives high levels of loyalty discussion and understand what consumers see as Ford's strengths and weaknesses. 
Ford drives the most loyalty discussion:
Automotive loyalty: overview of brand discussion
  • Ford drive over a third of loyalty buzz, a much higher proportion than their market share: Ford are the best-selling brand in the UK, but their loyalty share is a higher proportion than their market share of 18% 
  • Ford’s domination of loyalty buzz is driven by the Focus and Fiesta: these two models comprise 80% of Ford’s loyalty discussion (see graph below), and are also the two best-selling cars in the United Kingdom     

Automotive loyalty: Ford model buzz %

Fiesta and Focus loyalty driven by great” value for money and “fun” driving experiences:
Automotive loyalty: Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus loyalty and defection buzz by topic
  • Consumers say the Focus and Fiesta offer "great" value for money: consumers say they will buy the Fiesta or Focus again because they are “good all round” cars despite being “reasonably priced”, indicating that value for money is a key asset for these models 
  • The Fiesta and Focus’ driving performance also has an impact on loyalty discussion: driving performance discussion is strongly positive, as consumers say that they will buy their model again because of “enjoyable” driving experiences. However, a minority complain that they feel the cars are "underpowered" and will defect
As we have seen here, brands can determine key drivers of loyalty for their models and adopt strategies that emphasise these assets in order to convert potential consumers into loyal advocates. Our next article will continue this analysis of automotive loyalty discussion with another case study.

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