Car reviews can help auto brands learn about dealership experiences

Car reviews can help auto brands learn about dealership experiences

Insight from car reviews can guide automotive brands in improving the dealership experience, by focusing on aspects which influence purchase.

We’ve recently seen how other industries such as beauty brands and retail can benefit from the wealth of insight contained in online consumer reviews. This week, we investigated owner reviews for new cars such as the Ford B-MAX, Lexus GS or Vauxhall Astra to see how they can help automotive brands understand the purchase experience. Automotive brands spend millions marketing their models, before handing over responsibility for the sale to dealerships, which they often have little control over.
We analysed owner reviews for recently launched cars and found that on average 5% of opinions are dedicated to the purchase experience. Owners discuss aspects such as the dealership service or test drive and reveal which aspects influenced their purchase decision. Auto brands can use this information to better understand the moment of purchase and how it can be improved. It is particularly important as owners put a stronger focus on the purchase experience with more expensive models.
The importance of the purchase experience increases with the price of the car:
  • Buyers place more importance on the purchase experience when they spend more: With more expensive models generating higher margins, this reinforces the importance for car manufacturers to understand exactly what buyers like and dislike about the dealership experience

The dealership experience, including time to delivery and test drive can influence the final decision:

  • The time to delivery can influence final purchase decision: Some buyers say they chose a model because it would be delivered "quickly" or was "there for the taking" at the dealership. In some cases, buyers forego extra options if it means they can receive the vehicle faster

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