Car owners recommend their models on review and purchase sites

Car owners recommend their models on review and purchase sites

Although the majority of car discussion from owners occurs in forums, when it comes to recommending a model to other consumers, this happens mostly on auto review and purchase sites.

A few weeks ago, we demonstrated that review and shopping sites are the most important source of consumer recommendations. This is the case for many industries such as consumer electronics, white goods and automotive products. This week, we wanted to explore whether this was also the case when looking at owner recommendations specifically, rather than across all consumers talking online, because owners are likely to have a stronger impact on purchase decisions.
Our analysis shows that 43% of recommendations from owners occur on review and trade sites. This shows these are a key source of information for marketers seeking to understand how and why car owners tell online peers to buy the same model. Looking at the spread of owner discussion versus owner recommendations across different sources reveals that owners tend to talk about cars in forums, but review and trade sites are where they recommend models to other potential buyers. Automotive brands should focus on these sites when assessing how online advocates are trying to influence other consumers.
Car owner discussion vs car owner recommendations by site type:
 Car owners recommend their models on review and trade sites
  • Car forums are secondary when it comes to recommendations: They are the top source of car owner discussion, but only 25% of recommendations occur in forums
  • Review and trade sites are the key source of advocacy: 43% of recommendations happen on review and trade sites as car owners tell potential buyers which model they should choose
  • Social networks are also more prominent for recommendations: This is because owners share pictures of their model on brand pages and recommending it to others in the community

Brands can use the information on these sites to understand more about how car owners may influence the purchase decisions of others.


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