Burberry successfully enhances excitement and exclusivity surrounding its SS12 collection using innovative 'Tweetwalk'

Burberry successfully enhances excitement and exclusivity surrounding its SS12 collection using innovative 'Tweetwalk'

Burberry’s London Fashion Week ‘Tweetwalk’ campaign shows that providing social media fans with exclusive information on luxury products makes them feel part of the ‘elite’ and enhances, rather than compromises, the brand’s overall sense of exclusivity.

Luxury brands have, in the past, struggled to find effective social media strategies that boost their customer base without compromising their exclusiveness. WaveMetrix has previously reported on the successful ways that brands such as Fendi, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Dior have managed to achieve this balance by associating with elite culture, penetrating emerging markets and preserving their luxury retail experience online. Burberry has, yet again, paved the way for luxury fashion brands, by partnering with Twitter this London Fashion Week and introducing what the two companies are calling a “Tweetwalk”. Backstage photos of every ‘look’ were taken at the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 show and shared with the brand’s Twitter followers right before the models hit the runway.

WaveMetrix analysis reveals that Burberry’s Tweetwalk show, which ran alongside its catwalk show, generated overwhelmingly positive buzz, before, during and after the show, with consumers impressed at their “bold” use of social media and revelling in the fact that they were seeing the Spring Summer collection before even those sitting in the front row of the show. Twitter users described their enjoyment at this feeling of exclusivity and expressed their excitement and anticipation about seeing the new collection.
Burberry’s “Tweetwalk” campaign leads to feelings of exclusivity amongst Twitter followers

  • 38% of consumers discuss feelings of exclusivity in relation to the ‘Tweetwalk’ campaign: Twitter users “love” the way in which Burberry is premiering its catwalk looks for them on Twitter before revealing them on the runway and are excited to be spectators at the “first ever” Tweetwalk show

  • 30% of consumer posts about the Burberry brand/products draw on exclusivity:As expected with a luxury brand, consumers associate Burberry with exclusivity. The ‘Tweetwalk’ social media campaign has allowed Burberry to reach out to more potential customers without losing its air of exclusivity


Consumers share their excitement at being the “first” to see Burberry’s SS12 collection


  • Twitter users discuss how “excited” they are to be amongst the “first” to see Burberry’s SS12 collection, before it even goes down the “runway”

  • They are positive about the “great” “show” and describe “loving” the “collection”

  • Many also praise the “cool” “idea”, “interesting” “use” of “social media” and how they love being part of the “first” “ever” Tweetwalk show


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