Burberry reacts quickly to salvage Facebook fragrance giveaway

Burberry reacts quickly to salvage Facebook fragrance giveaway

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Burberry’s Facebook giveaway highlights the dangers faced by brands if their social media campaigns encounter technical difficulties, but suggests that swift action can minimise negative reaction.

On August 19, Burberry launched a new Facebook campaign promoting its new fragrance, Burberry Body. The scheme gives fans the chance to order a free sample of the fragrance ahead of its September release. The page's community manager prompted users to order a sample on three occasions: August 19, August 20 and August 22. The campaign was initially undermined by technical issues, but Burberry moved quickly to resolve them.
WaveMetrix social media monitoring has previously highlighted the difficulties experienced by crisp brand Frito-Lay, when technical problems marred its Facebook giveaway. Like Frito-Lay, Burberry was initially faced with a negative consumer backlash when more than 60% of consumers were unable to process their order. However, unlike the crisp brand, which was unable to resolve its technical difficulties before the campaign closed, Burberry moved quickly to correct its issues and managed to turn around consumer sentiment. This shows that a speedy reaction to technical problems can salvage a brand’s social media campaign.
Consumer reaction becomes more positive as Burberry fixes its technical problems:
  • Initially, consumers react negatively, as technical issues mar the campaign’s launch: on August 19, 63% of consumers are unable to process their order and users think they’ve been ‘fooled’ by Burberry
  • User sentiment becomes more positive as Burberry fixes  some technical issues: by August 20, only 37% of users are unable to process their order and consumers ‘thank’ Burberry as the link ‘finally works!'
  • Positive reaction peaks once Burberry has fix the majority of issues: by August 22, most consumers face ‘no problem’ when processing their order and thank ‘fab’ Burberry, revealing the positive impact of Burberry's speedy action
Burberry salvages consumer opinion with swift action, unlike Frito-Lay, which is unable to resolve its issues before the campaign closes:
  • Burberry fixes technical issues and turns consumer opinion, while Frito-Lay’s problems remain unresolved, causing negative consumer sentiment: This suggests that technical difficulties need not tarnish a social media campaign as long as they are rectified quickly


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