Building best-in-class eCommerce listings

Brands that create best-in-class eCommerce listings increase their online sales by ensuring that consumers are presented with rich, informative media at the point of purchase. Having consistently high quality product listings across sites guarantees that prospective customers are always presented with a brand's products in the best possible way.

In our most recent series of articles we have mapped out the steps brands must take to create a best-in-class eCommerce strategy on third party resellers’ sites. In this final article in the series we identify several examples of brands that have successfully maximised the potential of their listings by creating innovative, consistent and engaging product pages.

Example: By syndicating marketing material across sites Apple successfully creates consistently high quality content for consumers

When you look across iPhone 6 listings on major UK providers Vodafone, Three, EE and The Carphone Warehouse they all include the same Apple-produced marketing content in the descriptions that highlights the key benefits of the phone. This marketing content is exactly the same as found on the iPhone 6 page on Apple’s own site, meaning these listings on third party retailers are as close to Apple’s own standards as possible:


Example: LeapFrog successfully provide parents with additional marketing and product information on SKUs by ensuring they include informative video content

When looking at a range of LeapFrog product listings on major UK reseller sites such as Argos, John Lewis and Amazon LeapFrog ensure they provide browsing parents are provided with both marketing and demonstrative video content to help parents visualise the products and explain how they are used. This helps differentiate the brand, and gives unsure parents additional information when choosing products for their children:


EXAMPLE: Unlike rivals dog food brand Bakers helps drive repeat purchase on their listings

For dog food brands, loyalty and repeat purchase is a hugely important revenue stream. However, on Amazon several brands miss out on the opportunity to encourage repeat purchase by not providing a continuous subscription purchase option on the SKU. While brands like Bakers take advantage of the opportunity to encourage repeat purchases on Amazon by including a “Subscribe & Save option”, rival brands Wagg and Royal Canin only provide consumers with the option of one-off purchases, providing an unnecessary purchase barrier for potential regular customers:

Conclusion: By proactively pursuing the presentation opportunities available on reseller sites, brands like Apple, Leapfrog and Bakers ensure they are maximising their potential sales and making sure their products look better than rivals at the point of purchase.

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