Brands increase Likes by 140%, but engagement drops as communities grow

Brands increase Likes by 140%, but engagement drops as communities grow

Brands are successfully growing their communities, but traction among fanbases decreases as they become larger.
Much of a brand’s perceived social success is based on community size. Brands invest enormous amounts of resource in gathering more “likes” and “followers”, with the aim of building social assets which they can directly market at and engage with. However, we've noticed many of our clients expressing concern about the levels of engagement within their community. For that reason, we decided to investigate the issue by analysing over 2,200 Facebook brand pages.
Most brands are successfully building large social assets, with the average community growth at 140% over the last six months*. However, we have found that the proportion of fans getting actively involved with a brand page starts at 6% and drops to 3% as the community approaches 1.5 million. We have named this the Engagement Deficit: as communities grow, brands are getting diminishing returns on each extra like.

As brands grow, they struggle to maintain healthy levels of engagement:

*Based on the proportion of PTAT/Likes of over 2,200 brand communities monitored over the last 9 months

  • The return on new likes diminishes as a community gets larger: This suggests brands may not be using effective strategies to involve their fans. Although the drop slows down when communities reach 1.5 million, the proportion of People Talking About This continues to trend downwards
70% of brands underperform compared to average:

  • 70% of brands perform below average for their community size: This shows that the Engagement Deficit is a widespread problem, whilst 30% of brands are achieving above-average levels of engagement
In the next few articles in this series, we will be exploring some of the brands in the top 10% of communities, such as Mercedes-Benz or ASDA, who are going against the trend and maintaing high engagement whilst growing their fanbase.


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