Brands fail to integrate marketing campaigns with eCommerce strategy

Brands fail to integrate marketing campaigns with eCommerce strategy

Brands spend huge sums of money on complex, multi-media marketing campaigns, but then fail to integrate this material in their eCommerce strategy. Often brands do not ensure that wider marketing material is present across third party retail sites, meaning these expensive campaigns are not in front of consumers at the most important stage - the point of purchase.

Last we week we showed how some brands have yet to even confront the challenges involved in third party eCommerce, and this week we continue the series by examining brands who fail to go any further than just ensuring their products are listed. 

While getting products listed and with the correct basic information is clearly an important first step, failing to ensure these listings resonate with wider marketing undermines these brands at the point of purchase.

EXAMPLE: Microsoft recently embarked on a major campaign across both off and on-line media highlighting the strengths of Cortana, its alternative to Apple’s Siri technology.

However, Microsoft's listing for the Lumia 635 on operator does not mention Cortana anywhere on the page at all – clearly undermining the company’s wider marketing efforts:


EXAMPLE: Burberry recently launched a major new campaign featuring Supermodels Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell for their Spring/Summer 2015 ranges. This campaign was widely covered in the press and the campaign features extensively on Burberry’s own website:

However, when looking at Burberry brand stores on third party sites like Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and Nordstrom – all of which are official resellers of Burberry items – none of these website storefronts feature this new campaign. As a result the marketing and PR effort that went into the campaign is seemingly wasted at the key point of purchase for consumers:

Conclusion: Although some brands are clearly proactive in improving how their products and brand appear on third party sites, they still fail to fully align content and presentation with wider marketing campaigns. This undermines the purpose of the original campaign, as money spent on developing and running these campaigns is simply not mirrored at the most important stage of a consumer purchase journey – the point of purchase.

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