Bombay Sapphire show that using crowdsourcing for campaigns enhances creative image

Bombay Sapphire show that using crowdsourcing for campaigns enhances creative image

Bombay Sapphire’s recent use of crowdsourcing via Facebook to inspire its Imagination campaign has given the brand a creative edge. However, animosity amongst fans competing to win means crowdsourcing can foster negative sentiment.

Bombay Sapphire's Imagination campaign drew upon its Facebook fans' participation to inspire the visuals of the campaign. Users were invited to share their creations and artwork to be used in a 3D projection show which was unveiled on the 8th June at London's Battersea Power Station. Other brands such as Doritos and Samsung have also used 3D to engage consumers, but Bombay Sapphire is the first to use its own fans to inspire the campaign.

WaveMetrix analysis shows that the use of crowdsourcing enhances Bombay Sapphire’s creative image as users become naturally more involved with the development of the campaign. However, a comparison with recent campaigns from other alcoholic drinks, namely Absolut SF and Budweiser Memorial Day, reveals that Bombay Sapphire’s crowdsourced campaign generates more negative discussion than brand-led ones.

Crowdsourcing leads Bombay Sapphire fans to associate the brand with creativity:
  • In response to posts about Imagination, 46% associated Bombay Sapphire with creativity: When Bombay Sapphire posts about the Imagination campaign on its Facebook page, consumer response is focused on the brand's creative image. They talk about the “super” concept and discuss the visuals
  • Responses to other posts generate much less creative association: When responding to other posts from Bombay Sapphire, such as cocktail ideas or World Gin Day, only 6% of discussion reflects the brand’s creativity. Other aspects of the brand, such as “fun” and “trendy”, are more prominent within these topics of discussion. This highlights the success of the Imagination campaign at promoting a creative image
Bombay Sapphire’s crowdsourcing approach leads to jealousy among users:


  • Bombay Sapphire's crowdsourced campaign generates more negative buzz than brand-led campaigns: Jealousy among participants in Bombay Sapphire's crowdsourced Imagination campaign means that 23% of discussion is negative. Users criticise the "strange" and "unoriginal" art of the winner and say that their entry was "better". In contrast, brand-led campaigns from other alcoholic beverages attract much lower negative buzz

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