Axe’s plan for first real-time comic book creation successfully drives product buzz

Axe’s plan for first real-time comic book creation successfully drives product buzz

Axe is calling on fans via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to help write the world's first comic book created in real-time. The positive reaction, even in the early stages of the campaign, shows how effective an innovative social media approach can be in capturing fans’ imagination around a product range and brand.

Brands are increasingly coming up with new and exciting social media campaigns to capture the imagination of the public and encourage positive product discussion online. Burberry recently devised the first ‘Tweetwalk’ during London Fashion week, while Cosmetics brand, 17, organized a ‘Twitter party’, both of which successfully boosted product discussion amongst their target markets. Axe, the Unilever brand known as Lynx in the UK, is now reaching out to its social media fans to make suggestions for the world’s first real-time comic book, set to start in a few days time. The comic, entitled ‘Axe Anarchy: The Graphic Novel’ aims to promote its new scent, Axe Anarchy, and features two experimental fragrances that are unleashed on the world. Fans will help shape the plot, decide the characters and suggest how the story ends, as it unfolds.

Suggestions have already begun flooding in and WaveMetrix can reveal that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The campaign has already driven consumers to discuss Axe’s products in a highly positive way and has helped to convey its “cool” and “fun” brand values. Axe’s campaign demonstrates how to successfully combine crowdsourcing and the use of an innovative social media idea to create excitement and a community of fans that celebrates a brand and its products.
Axe’s campaign drives positive discussion, particularly around its products:
  • 44% are driven to discuss Axe products positively: The vast majority of consumers are driven to praise Axe products, describing them as “awesome”, “the best scent ever” and their “favourite”
  • Over a quarter of discussion is around the marketing campaign itself: While a large proportion post neutral suggestions for the comic book, others praise the “awesome” idea and say they “can’t wait” to see how the comic book turns out
  • Fewer discuss the Axe brand, but most who do are positive
Consumers are excited about getting involved in the innovative comic book creation:
  • Fans discuss the marketing campaign and Axe's products: They are driven to discuss the “awesome” campaign and the “amazing” products that they “love”
  • Consumers are getting involved in the campaign: They post their suggestions for the story and the characters

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