Automotive brands attract a greater proportion of male Pinterest followers by focusing on product rather than lifestyle

Automotive brands attract a greater proportion of male Pinterest followers by focusing on product rather than lifestyle

A survey of eleven top automotive brands reveals that male Pinterest users tend to follow brands posting mostly car galleries, while brands that post a mixture of product and lifestyle content attract a more even male/female split.

WaveMetrix has already revealed that female-centric social network Pinterest should not be ignored by automotive brands, as auto pinboards have the ability to pull in an even split of male/female followers. To deepen these conclusions we extended our analysis of automotive Pinterest pages to cover eleven top automotive brands.

Brands that predominantly post images of specific car models tend to drive the highest percentage of male followers. Those posting a mixture of car galleries and lifestyle content tend to have a more even male/female follower split. This suggests that men are more likely to follow automotive boards that are model focused. All automotive brands skew more male than is usual for Pinterest (which attracts 80% women and 20% men on average in the US). Only Honda’s Pinterest account has more female followers than male.

Automotive brands attract more male followers than average, but levels vary widely page to page:

Automotive brands: gender split of Pinterest fanbases

  • On average, automotive pages drive a 62% male following: WaveMetrix coded the gender of Pinterest followers using analyst teams to survey individual user profiles. The results support earlier evidence suggesting that Pinterest’s predominantly female userbase should not put off brands aiming to target men, as pinboards can appeal to both genders
  • Pages that attract greater proportions of men tend to post more model pictures and less lifestyle content: thirteen of the top fifteen boards for male-dominated Porsche are galleries of a particular car model. Only three of female-dominated Honda’s top fifteen contain pictures of cars in the board preview, with the other boards focusing on lifestyle content such as music and travel

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