Audi’s  #wantanr8 competition boosts growth in Twitter followers by a third

Audi’s #wantanr8 competition boosts growth in Twitter followers by a third

Audi show that an interactive competition on Twitter can help boost growth in followers. By asking consumers to tweet using a specific hashtag, Audi not only increases fan involvement with the brand, but also the reach of Tweets about Audi.

On 20th March, Audi’s Twitter handle launched a competition to win an Audi R8. Contestants have to tweet @Audi about why they want an Audi R8 using the hashtag #wantanr8. The Audi handle is also responding to some of the best tweets, making the run-up to the winner announcement even more interactive. Twitter users are encouraged to follow the Audi handle so they can see other contestants’ entries and competition updates from Audi.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Audi’s weekly growth in followers increased by a third after the campaign, from 2,000 to 3,000 extra followers on average each week. The use of the #wantanr8 hashtag also spreads positive buzz from those desiring an R8 as consumers tweet the reasons why they want one. This shows that running a competition with an interactive side for fans can have a positive impact on both follower count and positive brand discussion.
Weekly growth in Audi followers increases by a third during the competition:
Audi’s  #wantanr8 competition boosts Twitter follower increase by a third
  • The competition to win an R8 boosts follower growth by a third: After the launch Audi’s #wantanr8 competition, the number of extra weekly Twitter followers grows from around 2,000 to 3,000. This shows the success of the competition in encouraging Twitter users to follow the Audi handle

Encouraging use of the hashtag #wantanr8 generates positive fan buzz:

 Audi’s  #wantanr8 competition boosts Twitter follower increase by a third
  • Tweets using the hashtag #wantanr8 generate discussion for Audi: Fans tweet at the @Audi handle and use the hashtag #wantanr8, driving positive tweets from consumers saying why they want an R8. They say R8s are "breathtaking", that they "want" one "real bad". This suggests that the use of the hashtag increaes the positive impact of Audi's competition


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