Asda achieve Facebook engagement three times higher than average with big prize competitions

Asda achieve Facebook engagement three times higher than average with big prize competitions

Asda achieve higher engagement than other retailers by running competitions with single prize draws.

Last week we introduced the Engagement Deficit, whereby brands are losing traction within their community as their fanbase gets larger. This decrease in the engagement curve, which represents the average engagement for each size group, became apparent from tracking 2,200 brand communities of 70% are performing under-average. We wanted to show how some brands are going against this trend. Our second case study looks at ASDA, the UK supermarket with the highest proportion of People Talking About This on their Facebook page. At 14%, ASDA's community traction is three times higher than average. As we did with Mercedes-Benz USA’s page last week, we investigated ASDA’s page to understand what they do differently to maintain high engagement.
Our analysis revealed that all retailers run competitions on Facebook, but that Asda's competitions are more successful at driving engagement. The key is that 15% of Asda's Facebook posts are competitions offering one big prize such as “£100 to stock up on everyday essentials". In contrast, other retailers mostly run competitions with many small giveaways or storecard points. As a result, competitions help Asda achieve 14% engagement within their community. This shows the importance for brands to understand what type of content consumers respond to best, to help maximise community traction.
ASDA achieves three times more traction within their community than average:
ASDA run more big prize draws than other retailers:


  • ASDA drives engagement through big prize competitions: Competitions make up a similar proportion of posts for both ASDA and Tesco, but ASDA focus 15% of theirs on prize draws to win cash or prizes such as an Acer Iconia tablet
  • Big prize draws are more effective at driving engagement: They work better than small prizes such as giveaways or storecard points which may seem less attractive to fans. Competitions with a single, large prize may also prove less costly than multiple small giveaways, making them a more sustainable long-term engagement strategy

Despite having a similar community size, ASDA's competitions engage much more fans than Tesco's or Sainsbury's:

Sainsbury's and Tesco engage fewer fans with competitions to win small giveaways and storecard points:


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