AMD's Facebook announcement proves the importance of knowing your audience

AMD's Facebook announcement proves the importance of knowing your audience

Minimal engagement in AMD's CEO announcement suggests that Facebook fan pages may not be suitable spaces for business alerts and highlights how important it is that brands understand their social media audiences.

On August 25 computer processor company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) announced that it had named Rory Read as its new CEO. It posted an announcement and a link to Read’s biography on its Facebook page, along with a link to a video of Read’s first address to AMD employees.

WaveMetrix analysis shows that relatively few of AMD’s Facebook fans engage in discussion about the new CEO, even when commenting under the CEO announcement. The vast majority of consumers discuss the brand more generally, or focus on particular products, such as the new Bulldozer processor. This lack of engagement suggests that Facebook fans are not concerned with business announcements and that other mediums may be more suitable for such alerts.
The majority of consumers discuss AMD in general terms, ignoring the CEO announcement altogether:
  • Relatively few consumers mention the new CEO, despite commenting under the CEO announcement: Most consumers post general comments or comments about the new Bulldozer processor, suggesting a lack of engagement with the CEO announcement
  •  Fans react more positively when discussing AMD generally than when discussing the CEO: Although the majority of comments about Rory Read are positive, some are negative, as users complain that they “honestly don’t care” and “don’t give a damn” about the new CEO
Most commonly used words featured in comments under the new CEO announcement:
  • The majority of consumers discuss AMD generally and do not make reference to the new CEO: Facebook fans discuss their “love” of the brand and the new Bulldozer processor, but few make reference to new CEO Rory Read


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