Aldi encourages positive advocacy on Facebook by engaging consumers around the brand's key strengths

Aldi encourages positive advocacy on Facebook by engaging consumers around the brand's key strengths

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Aldi’s Britain’s Biggest Savers campaign highlights the ways in which brands can play to their strengths to drive positive advocacy on social media platforms.

Supermarket chain Aldi have recently launched a campaign called Britain’s Biggest Savers, giving fans of the brand's UK Facebook page the chance to win £100 worth of vouchers by sharing the savings that they make by shopping at Aldi, rather than rival supermarkets. The campaign has received a strong response, with many consumers sharing their savings.
WaveMetrix have previously highlighted the importance of online recommendations. WaveMetrix analysis shows that Aldi’s campaign has effectively driven positive advocacy, by encouraging consumers to discuss the brand's key strengths over rivals. Almost half of responses to the campaign show positive advocacy, with many consumers saying that they “saved” by switching to Aldi from rival supermarket chains. Others call Aldi the “best” supermarket and say they “wouldn’t shop” elsewhere. Aldi’s success suggests that brands can effectively promote online advocacy by highlighting their strengths over competitors.
Aldi encourages online advocacy by getting consumers to highlight the brand’s key strengths:
  • Almost half of buzz around the campaign contains positive advocacy: Consumers share positive experiences of “switching” to Aldi from rival brands such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco, saying they “saved big”
  • The campaign is also successful at driving brand love: Most comments which do not contain advocacy are nonetheless positive about the brand, with some saying they “love” shopping at Aldi
Many consumers share experiences of their “great savings” shopping at Aldi:


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