Advocacy Tracker: recommendations strongly influence the decisions of potential customers

Advocacy Tracker: recommendations strongly influence the decisions of potential customers

Brands are starting to pay more attention to their online advocates, but what is the reason behind this? In this first article of a series on tracking recommendations, WaveMetrix show how advocates can convert potential customers, making it important for brands to track these recommendations.

Studies1 have investigated the strong impact which advocates have on the purchase decisions of other consumers. The most recent one from Nielsen2, published in April 2012, reveals that 70% of consumers see online opinions from other consumers as a trusted source of advice. More importantly, online consumer opinions have even more impact during the pre-purchase stage, with 75% saying they consider them when seeking information about a product and making a purchase decision.
Actual evidence of this influence comes from converted customers themselves, who describe how they bought a product because it was recommended by other consumers online. Looking at this in more detail reveals the different ways in which consumers are influenced by others. We have picked out a few examples from the FCMG, Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries:

  • All the consumers above bought a product as a result of online recommendations from other consumers. Looking at how converted consumers are influenced shows how important it is for brands to stay on top of what advocates are saying
  • The next article in our series on advocacy will explore the different forms in which online consumer advocacy can occur, distinguishing between explicit, implicit and prompted advocacy

If you would like to find out more about our new Advocacy Tracker, you can download a full overview here or read our sample report on why consumers recommend Neutrogena Naturals. Advocacy Tracker helps brands understand why consumers recommend them to others.

1. Deloitte & Touche, 2007, Consumer Reports: Shows that 82% of consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced by online recommendations, either by confirming it or making them change their mind

2. Nielsen, 2012, Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages

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