Advocacy Tracker: prompted recommendations can boost online advocacy around a brand

Advocacy Tracker: prompted recommendations can boost online advocacy around a brand

Prompted advocacy can significantly improve the level of positive recommendations read by potential customers at the point of purchase. 

Prompted advocacy happens when shopping and review sites include a mandatory recommendation field in their review forms. The reviewer ticks either “Yes, I would recommend this” or “No, I wouldn’t recommend this” and their choice appears in a standard format on each review. This can give brands an advantage as it is an easy way for potential customers to identify the most recommended product without actually reading each review entirely. It is also mostly found on shopping sites, where potential buyers are likely to carry out their purchase, meaning the recommendations are fresh in the customer’s mind when they decide which product to buy.
WaveMetrix’s human coding of recommendations across a range of sectors shows that the contribution of prompted advocacy can vary from one industry to another, with grooming products and consumer electronics being the strongest beneficiaries. In addition, analysis reveals that prompted advocacy is more likely to be positive than negative. This suggests that brands could benefit from making sure they include prompted advocacy on their own site or on the sites which sell their products.
Prompted advocacy contribution varies by sector:
  • Grooming increase online advocacy by 50% through prompted recommenders: This shows that beauty brands could drive more recommendations by enabling prompted advocacy on their home site or social handles. Consumer electronics can also benefit strongly from this, with on average a quarter of their advocacy is prompted
  • All sectors benefit from advocacy, but some to a lesser extent: For example, services can boost advocacy by an average of 9% through prompted recommenders. However, the core of their recommendations still come from unprompted consumer dialogue, which services should strive to understand

Prompted advocacy tends to be positive across all sectors:


  • Prompted advocacy is likely to be positive, making it a powerful tool for brands looking to incorporate it on their site: Although the proportion of positive advocacy varies between 70% and 95% depending on the sector, this shows that prompted advocacy can make a positive contribution to the level of online recommendations around a brand, giving a boost to naturally occurring consumer advocacy

If you would like to find out more about our new Advocacy Tracker, you can download a full overview here or read our sample report on why consumers recommend Neutrogena Naturals. Advocacy Tracker helps brands understand why consumers recommend them to others.


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