Advocacy Tracker: implicit advocates subtly recommend Neutrogena Naturals to others as the "best" products

Advocacy Tracker: implicit advocates subtly recommend Neutrogena Naturals to others as the "best" products

Analysis of implicit recommendations for Neutrogena shows that consumers recommend products such as the Facial Cleanser for being "the best" and "a lot better" for sensitive skin than other products in the same range. This can help Neutrogena focus on what consumers think their products are best for.

A few weeks ago we looked at how advocacy can be split into three types: explicit, implicit and prompted, as well as the importance of distinguishing them to help brands better understand how consumers recommend them. In last week’s case study we analysed how explicit advocates recommend Nivea with direct call to actions. This week we investigate implicit advocacy and its importance for the Neutrogena Naturals brand.
Implicit advocacy is subtler than the explicit type as it occurs when consumers compare a product with competitors. For example, consumers might say that a car model is the “most fuel-efficient”, that a brand of skincare is the “best” or that one service provider is “better value for money” than another. 58% of advocacy for Neutrogena Naturals comes from implicit advocacy so we have investigated what drives this and which products benefit from it.
Analysis shows that the results and quality of Neutrogena Naturals products, espcially the Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover lead users to conclude that they are "better than others" for purposes like sensitive skin. This can help Neutrogena refine communication to focus on the use cases which their products are best for.
Quality and results drive implicit advocacy for Neutrogena Naturals range:

Implicit advocacy comes from consumers saying the Facial Cleanser is "the best" of its range:
  • Analysis shows that the Purifying Facial Cleanser generates most implicit advocacy: users of the product say it is "a lot better" than other facial cleansers, especially at "clearing pimples". Some also say it is "the best" for those with sensitive or oily skin
  • The Makeup Remover and Lip Balm are also among the top three implicitly recommended products: They say the cleanser is "the best drugstore cleanser out there" and the Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm is "the winner" in its range


If you would like to find out more about our new Advocacy Tracker, you can download a full overview here or read our sample report on why consumers recommend Neutrogena Naturals. Advocacy Tracker helps brands understand why consumers recommend them to others.


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