Advocacy Tracker: identifying the different types of advocacy helps brands understand how consumers recommend them

Advocacy Tracker: identifying the different types of advocacy helps brands understand how consumers recommend them

Analysing the different ways in which consumers can advise others to choose a brand helps understand how advocacy occurs, empowering brands to drive even more recommendations through focused communication strategies.

In previous articles about advocacy, WaveMetrix have shown how recommendations influence potential customers and how aligning brand communication with advocates can generate more positive brand buzz. This week, we look at the different ways in which consumers can recommend a brand, and how brands can use this information to refine their strategy. There are three distinguishable forms of advocacy:
Understanding how recommendations are broken down into the different types of advocacy is the first step in helping brands align their strategy with the motivations of advocates.
Analysis of positive advocacy around Neutrogena Naturals, Nivea and Jergens Naturals shows how it is broken down according to three types of recommendations:
  • Implicit advocacy: Over half of Neutrogena Naturals advocacy is driven by implicit recommendations, as consumers compare its products favourably to competitors, subtly suggesting that potential customers should choose them. For example, they say Neutrogena Facial Cleanser is "the best" or "more effective" than other cleansers
  • Prompted advocacy: Jergens advocacy is driven by prompted recommendations, which occur on review and shopping sites where consumers are asked to say whether or not they would recommend the product to a friend.
  • Explicit advocacy: Explicit recommendations, which are direct calls to action from consumers telling others that they "should choose" or "try" a particular product, are much a rarer, but also the most powerful form of advocacy. Nivea has double the proportion of explicit advocacy as Jergens and Neutrogena Naturals

If you would like to find out more about our new Advocacy Tracker, you can download a full overview here or read our sample report on why consumers recommend Neutrogena Naturals. Advocacy Tracker helps brands understand why consumers recommend them to others.

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