Advocacy Tracker: helping brands drive more online advocacy

Advocacy Tracker: helping brands drive more online advocacy

With the correct tools and insights, brands now have the power to drive more online recommendations for their products. The Advocacy Pyramid gives brands an instant overview of their key strengths and weaknesses, helping them to build a well-informed marketing strategy.

Over the past few weeks, our Advocacy Tracker articles have explained the importance of online recommendations and the value they contain to help better understand consumer choices. The last of our series looks at how these insights can be applied. To help brands integrate advocacy into brand activities, we have designed the Advocacy Pyramid, which provides an easy way of identifying improvement points.
The Advocacy Pyramid in practice for the Jergens Naturals brand:
  • Focus messaging on the reasons consumers recommend you to others: Understanding explicit recommendations, and why current users tell others to buy a specific product, means brands can align with the advocates who have the strongest influence on potential customers
  • Drive more prompted advocacy by including reviews with recommenders on key sites: As shown in last week's article on prompted advocacy, this comes from consumers ticking a box on a review form. Adding these review forms to a brand website can increase the overall level of positive advocacy aorund a brand

If you would like to find out more about our new Advocacy Tracker, you can download a full overview here or read our sample report on why consumers recommend Neutrogena Naturals. Advocacy Tracker helps brands understand why consumers recommend them to others.


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