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About wave:

Wave: Tracking how people and brands use social media

Wave: tracks trends in social media. In particular, we focus on how brands and people interact online. By using the WaveMetrix methodology, we aim to provide clear insight and analysis around the latest social media developments. You can follow Wave: online, by RSS, on Twitter or by subscribing to our weekly email (using the box on the right of this page).

Our editorial team are all WaveMetrix staff members and therefore have a wide range of social media expertise and experience. If you would like more information about a particular author, please click on the relevant team member from the selection below.

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Alan is Managing Director and co-founder of WaveMetrix and is an expert in using social data to answer challenging business questions
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Ed is WaveMetrix's expert in editorial best practices and in getting engagement from the right people
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Jason has worked on a range of buzz research projects, helping to deliver in-depth insights
Jason is an expert in consumer electronics best practices and helping brands improve products and marketing through global tracking studies
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